The first thing clients always ask when starting the design phase is, “Where should we start?” So, if you are embarking on your own bathroom remodeling journey and you are asking yourself the same question, I am delighted to inform you that you have come to the right place. 

Tile is my favorite place to start because it usually has the biggest impact on the space. The day the tile is installed is my favorite day because it is the day you finally start to see the design come to life. It is when your eyes start to figure out how they should wander around the room and it is when you can really start to experience the new energy of the space. 

Bathroom Remodel - Bath TilesWhen selecting tiles it is not only important to know what kinds of colors, patterns and shapes you like, it is also essential that you understand what the space really needs. Pay attention: are the ceilings high or low? Is the space narrow or wide? Do you have a tub? A shower? Both together? Both in separate locations? 

First of all, imagine how your eyes will connect the lines between the tiles. For example, in a bathroom with high ceilings, you may want to accentuate the length of the walls with some vertical pattern using long subway tiles or a herringbone pattern. Long subway tiles will create straight lines running from the floor (or the top of the bathtub) all the way to the ceiling, encouraging your eyes to ignore where the bathroom may feel smaller and focus on how it feels big. A herringbone pattern will accomplish the same result, only by creating a sort of arrow pointing to the ceiling instead. In other words, these kinds of patterns, when installed in the right space, will create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it really is. 

Second, be thoughtful with your color selection. Ask yourself, does the room feel small or spacious? If I turn off all the lights in the middle of the day, do I have any sunshine peeking through the windows? Do I have windows at all? Generally speaking, bright colors (colors closer to white) will make the space feel bigger, and dark tiles (closer to black) will make it feel more cramped. 

Often our clients pick tiles only because they like how they look sitting on a shelf. As a first time remodeler especially it can be difficult to imagine the impact the tile will really have, especially once all the other fixtures and finishes are installed. Hopefully by understanding the role each finish plays in the overall design, you too will be able to thoughtfully curate your own perfect bathroom remodel.