With affordable housing being so scarce in the Bay Area, ADUs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. But what is an ADU?

In short, an ADU is adding a second living space to your property. An ADU must have a separate address and it must contain at least one living space and bathroom, as well as its own kitchen. In parts of the Bay Area where properties are a bit more spacious, it is more attractive to clients considering this type of project to build an addition to the existing structure or even an entirely detached building. However for those on a budget or for those with smaller spaces, it is not uncommon to reorganize the existing garage space to accommodate a small unit.

There are many reasons why it might make sense to build an ADU. Perhaps you are in search of some additional income and would like to install an ADU in order to attract some renters… maybe you’d like to keep a closer eye on your aging parents and prefer to keep them closer to home than see them move to a senior living facility. Maybe you are considering your own retirement plans and want to make sure the stairs leading to your front door will not prevent you from growing old in your forever home… Or maybe you just want to build equity to leave to your kids. There are many good reasons to build an ADU, but that doesn’t mean that all units should be built the same. We believe in tailoring the solution to meet your unique needs, to ensure your new unit truly works for you.

What to Expect

For Your Remodeling Project

During this call, we’ll take some time to introduce ourselves, get to know you, and talk about your remodeling goals.

We’ll take a look at your space and talk through your vision so that we can accurately plan your remodel.

Once we’ve nailed down the plan for your remodel, we’ll give you a fixed-price estimate so that there are no surprises down the road.

Before we dive into remodeling your space, we’ll process all the permits needed and submit drawings to the city as needed.

This is where the fun really begins. We’ll help you design the space and shop for finishing touches that you love. We also provide 3D renderings for bathrooms and kitchens at this time.

We want the remodel to be as least disruptive as possible, so at this point we will prep the space and protect the areas of the house where we aren’t working.

This is the time when things get real! Depending on the project, we’ll knock down walls, build new ones, rewire electrical or plumbing lines, and more.

Here is where everything comes together. We incorporate the details and finishes you picked at the beginning and bring your new space to life.

Don’t worry, we leave your space even better than we found it! We also take care of coordinating inspections with the city as needed.


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