If there is one thing this Pandemic has helped me to appreciate, it is a nice face mask and a long hot shower. After a long day on construction sites, I just want to kick off my boots, rinse all the dust and paint from my skin, and relax. 

Growing up it was routine that my mom would come home from a long night of work, light some candles, crack open a bottle of red wine and take a nice long bath before bed. Being a violinist my mom certainly did not have your typical 9-5, and it was not uncommon for her to have weeks at a time where days were filled with rehearsals and evenings with concerts and meet and greets. But no matter how late it was, we all knew to save her the last of the hot water for her evening routine. 

A bathroom should be a space to make you feel rejuvenated. Perhaps you are a young couple who just purchased your new home, or maybe you just retired. Maybe you are sharing your bathrooms with tiny humans who have bath toys, use too much toilet paper and spray toothpaste all over the mirror. Or, maybe you don’t need to close the door to enjoy some privacy and time alone. Whatever the case may be, I will walk you through my process of finding the perfect balance between function and beauty. 

We will talk tiles, vanity, mirrors, lighting, shower doors and yes, we will even talk toilets! I invite you on this journey through bathroom design so you too can combine all the elements to shape your perfect space.