Modern kitchen with bar stools, black countertops, white cabinets, and white tiling


A kitchen should have a perfect balance of function and beauty. Our kitchens are the center of our daily lives: the space that might feel calm or chaotic and is the part of our home that most evolves with us. Designing and building kitchens should be personal, and every detail should be thoughtfully considered with real people in mind.

Bathroom with tiled shower


Our bathroom is where most of us start and finish our days, so we believe in making it a space where you can really recharge. It takes precision to fuse together the perfect patterns, shapes and textures but we will help to ensure all the details of your bathroom are thoughtfully curated to meet the self-care needs of you and your family.

San Francisco new construction home


At Harmony we believe in clear and transparent communication. We are here to redefine our clients’ expectations of what the home remodeling experience should look like. We believe in sharing our knowledge to build long lasting partnerships, and we will not compromise when it comes to constructing the right solution.



Small studio apartment with white kitchenette


With affordable housing being so scarce in the Bay Area, ADUs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Perhaps you are in search of some additional income… maybe you’d like to keep a closer eye on your aging parents.. Maybe you just want to use your equity to build a better future for your children… There are many good reasons to build an ADU, but that doesn’t mean that all units should be built the same. We believe in tailoring the solution to meet your unique needs, to ensure your new unit truly works for you.

Two people making blueprint plans with pens and paper


We always encourage our clients to start with redesigning the space they already have to make it more functional, but sometimes the space we have is just not enough. Whether it be building up or out, the options can be overwhelming. When all is said and done, the space should feel as if that is the way it always was. That means understanding the home, its aesthetic features and most importantly its flow, so that any additions are flawlessly integrated leaving the space more aesthetically appealing and easier to use than it was before.

Plans for a home addition


When it comes to building new custom homes, most homeowners don’t know where to start. From architectural drawings, to engineer plans, to the design of a totally new home, to budget management, and all throughout the construction, the success of your project depends on how detail-oriented your contractor can be. You must “be quick, [but] don’t hurry,” to ensure that your project is completed quickly while still ensuring that every inch of the new space is accounted for ahead of time. It is a messy job, but Harmony is all about the execution.



“I had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Daniel throughout 2019 and early 2020, for a small but complicated building project; creating a one-bedroom basement unit with complete plumbing, electrical, walls and finishes, in the Outer Mission, San Francisco. Jessica and Daniel bring together both professionalism and experience needed to pull off the most detailed of projects. And they do it with complete integrity and friendliness! I highly and enthusiastically recommend Jessica and Daniel for any project you may have for them. Trust me, you won’t find a more competent company!”
Craig, San Francisco
“Jessica & Daniel were professional, personable and had excellent recommendations. They were strong problem solvers, excellent communicators and the finished product is beautiful.”
Margaret & Karen, San Francisco
“Jessica & Daniel provides expert level service for our project. Every detail was thoughtfully considered and we love the finished product.”
Shan & Vanessa, San Francisco