As a young electrical engineer, Daniel made his way to America by way of Acre, a small town in the north of Israel.

A few months into his new life as an electrical engineer, Daniel soon found himself overcome by boredom. While electrical engineering was a coveted career in his hometown, he discovered it was not turning out to be very fulfilling. Spending hours upon hours staring at circuit boards, he was craving human interaction. And when he found construction, he knew he found his place.

A short while after that, Daniel met me (Jessica): a recent college grad who had eagerly started my climb up the corporate ladder. With a background in business administration and finance, I landed a job working for a commercial real estate brokerage firm. While I was excited for the life that lay beyond my cubicle, I too became overwhelmed by the daily monotony of my job.

A few months after dating Daniel, he suggested I come see what he does for work. Construction was not a career path that had ever crossed my mind, but I was open to giving it a go. We started with Sundays– riding together to client meetings, discussing projects, sharing ideas about business, and falling in love. We were falling in love with each other, but also falling in love with our work.

There I was, smushed into a 2008 Toyota Prius with my very cute (and very big) boyfriend, driving hundreds of miles a day meeting clients and visiting project sites all over the Bay Area, and doing my best to keep my elbow off of the middle console because those are the sacrifices we make when we are in love. And soon, rather than finding ourselves a second car and separate jobs, we found ourselves fighting to find ways to make construction better, together. We also fought about plenty of other things too though, as most couples do: music or no music, hip hop or something mellow… Windows open, windows closed.. What to eat for lunch– I’m sure it was the reason our friends all told us we were crazy to work together. But, it was also the way we learned to work together and the way we learned how to be a team.

With each project we have learned something new. Each client brings his or her own stories, and every house poses its own obstacles. If there is one thing we understand it is that home remodeling is a very personal experience. Your home is our office, and with every day of construction we become more and more a part of your daily routine. That is something we not only respect, but something we honor.

There is no getting around it… even with the best contractor, home remodeling can feel like a nightmare. Picking tiles for your new bathroom or the perfect color for your cabinets can feel like one of life’s biggest decisions– decisions that can easily turn lovers into foes. Construction is messy, it is loud and it means strangers walking in and out of your house almost every day of the week.

We started this company to make things a little easier. We believe in creating synergy with our clients to work together to bring Harmony to your home.